The 3 Keys to Keeping Momentum in 2016 to Achieve ALL Your Goals

When Inspiration & Motivation Are High ..
Momentum Ensues & Goals Are Realized!

Monday, January 4th

5:00 pm (Pacific)
7:00 pm (Central)
8:00 pm (Eastern)

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Top 3 Reasons Why You Want To Be On This Call:

  • 1

    Discover the secret to keeping momentum regardless of obstacles or adversities to achieve any desired outcome

    Most people are great at strong starts but all too often, life's challenges and obstacles get in the way of us keeping long term motivation and momentum to achieve our goals. Velma will reveal the secret to keeping momentum so you absolutely create 2016 as your best year yet!

  • 2

    Learn and apply the simple step by step process that keeps momentum every day

    Yes! It can be easier and simpler for you to keep your momentum every day. Velma will share the simple and effective way to build momentum --- and it's easier than you think!

  • 3

    Get the M.A.P. to Personal Freedom to Design Life As You Really Want It

    What do you really want to create for 2016? Better Health? Quality Relationships (with yourself and others)? A Deeper Spiritual Connection? A Rocking, Thriving Business? Velma will reveal the M.A.P. to Personal Freedom that cuts across all goal setting to goal achieving!

Velma Alford

Accelerated Change Template (ACT)™ Facilitator, TAT® Certified Professional and Trainer, Light Language Teacher and Licensed InterFaith Minister

About Velma:  Since 1987 Velma has been on her own spiritual journey and has extensively studied and applied a wide range of practices and modalities that bring inner peace to her and her clients.  A Licensed Ordained Interfaith Minister, Certified Light Language Teacher and TAT® (Tapas Acupressure Technique) Practitioner and Trainer, her mission is to move people from feelings of shame, guilt, anxiety, overwhelm and frustration to feeling light, empowered and inspired about their lives.

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Monday, January 4th

5:00 pm (Pacific), 6:00 pm (Mountain), 7:00 pm (Central), 8:00 pm (Eastern)

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